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Adding Video To WordPress – WordPress IE December Meetup

I will be speaking today at WordPress Inland Empire December 2013 meetup. My talk is about Adding Video To WordPress My deck can  be found here (HTML5 using Biggie): During my talk I mentioned a method to disable related videos using oEmbed:   You can navigate my slides by clicking the area above.

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Live Streaming events using Google Hangout, now in HD!

In the past I’ve spoken about how to stream an event using Google Hangout and I’ve talked about the tools and techniques be successful at capturing an event and streaming it and I’ve discussed how you should put your new found skills to the test and help a local meetup stream their event by donating your time.…

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Jason Tucker talks about his trip to WordUP AZ held at Gangplank Avondale. Jason brought his video gear to capture the event.

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