EP45 – WordCamp San Francisco 2013 #WCSF Recap – WPwatercooler – July 29 2013

EP45 – WordCamp San Francisco 2013 #WCSF Recap – WPwatercooler – July 29 2013

On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing WordCamp SF 2013, the State of the Word address and after parties.

-== The Hallway Track
There are many “Man” or “Woman on the Street” interviews that were conducted by Jason Tucker and Se Reed. Those can be found soon on the WordCamp San Francisco WordPress.TV page. http://wordpress.tv/event/wordcamp-san-francisco-2013/

-== State of the Word
State of the Word address by Matt Mullenweg:

OCWP got a big shout out for their 10th anniversary party.
WordPress release cycle – updates and plugins will be updated the most
The release of 3.6 has been postponed
3.7 and 3.8 release being so close together will create a lot of problems for people that use it in an enterprise setting
Matt said the releases will be small updates with less iterations
Video can be found here: State of the Word 2013

-== Our favorite sessions
Mike Schroeder – WP CLI (command line interface) talk was really excellent. His talk isn’t stagnant. He’s constantly fine tuning it so there is always good, new information.

Helen Hou-Sandi – Customizing the WP Admin interface

Carrie Dills – her talk “Co-opetition” Cooperation, collaboration and competition was great. She highlighted best of competition as well as collaboration.

Josh Broton – on Responsive Design. There were 2 huge takeaways: 1) making photoshop images 2.2x bigger and setting quality to 0 then scaling down in the browser saves a huge amount of work. 2) Text in line? justify for grid layouts, if you text in line justify the parent elements and use display inline block on the child elements, you can have completely justified grid system.

Natalie MacLees – Her room was packed out. She gave her talk in a really compelling story-telling manner.

Mika Epstein – Don’t Use WP Multi-Site. She gave basics of what the watch out for if you want to use WordPress multi-sites.

Ian Stewart – Themes – Super passionate and really inspirational. Do not miss it when it’s on WordPress TV

-== Contributor Day
The most people that have ever gone to contributor day.
Steve learned how to commit a patch
There was a large focus was on the support and documentation team. That’s where Se and Suzette spent their time. They worked on the Theme Developer Handbook. There will be no standardization for theme options.

Shout out to the Dradcast

-== Activities we did after WordCamp San Francisco 2013
Pandora Karaoke Bar – http://pandorakaraoke.com/
Tonga Room – http://www.tongaroom.com/
Fang – http://www.fangrestaurant.com/

Scott Bolinger
Press Coders Designer

Andy Christian
MeetWP Designer

Jason Coleman
Paid Memberships Pro Developer

Suzette Franck
Media Temple Developer

Chris Lema
chrislema Software Architect, Marketer

Natalie MacLees
Purple Pen Productions Developer, Designer

Sé Reed
Sé Reed Media Developer, Designer, Marketer

Jason Tucker
Tucker.Pro Developer

Steve Zehngut
Zeek Interactive, Inc. Developer

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker

Web Developer at Tucker.Pro
Jason brings 15+ years of hands-on experience as a web developer and systems administrator at large corporations and businesses in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, technology and entertainment. Specializing in PHP coded sites utilizing WordPress. Jason owns and operates Tucker.Pro a WordPress web development company in Whittier, CA. He is also the host of WPwatercooler a weekly WordPress YouTube show and podcast
Jason Tucker
Jason Tucker
Jason Tucker

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