Fluid Video Embeds

Responsive WordPress websites and oEmbed video

The last few posts this month I talked about using 3rd party services and then posting the end result audio or video on a WordPress site. This time around, I want to discuss working with a responsive website and dealing with a YouTube or Vimeo video embedded in a post. First lets define what a…

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Hanging out with Google

My favorite part of Google+ is Google Hangout, and I think after you finish reading this post you too will enjoy using it and finding new ways to add it to your workflow. Google+, sometimes read as Google Plus, is a social network that has many facets, but the one that sticks out the most…

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Three useful tools for converting video

So you ended up with a video file that you want to use on a project, your software requires it to be in a specific format what do you do? On OS X there are some great options for video conversion and transcoding, Windows has some too. Here are my top FREE picks: Handbrake The…

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Top 5 ways to promote your live stream like a Pro

Here is my top five list of ways to promote your live stream like a pro, these tactics have helped me, hopefully they will help you! 5. Promote the day of the event to remind people of your event Start posing on the social networks and let people know about your event, remember not everyone…

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Quicktake 100

How I got started with video on the web

Back when I was in middle school Miss America visited our school. I don’t remember much about her, but I remember this was the first time I ever used a digital camera. This is sometime in the early 90s, the digital cameras back then were pretty expensive and lacked features, like a screen. I remember…

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