Podcasting, do it right the second time.

In a recent post I talked about the struggles to start a new podcast. Today I’m going to walk you through your first recording of that¬†“Episode Zero” and give you some tips on making Episode One be one of your better episodes, or at least a good start to something awesome. Prepare Preparing for your…

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How I fell into Podcasting and WordPress

How I got into WordPress I love WordPress, I’ve been using it since May 13th 2004 when I wrote this very twitteresque¬†blog post to my moveable type blog: The time has finally come where Moveable type is going to the sh*tter, it will still work, but they won’t be adding any more features to the…

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The three things about podcasting I wish I knew 5 years ago.

3. USB is your friend I really wish that USB microphones were more commonplace back when I started podcasting. Back when I first started podcasting I’d spend a lot of time dealing with line noise and interference that made my recording really bad. USB removes all that worry since the analog audio circuitry is in…

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